Versatility is important ... here is what we're doing.

The Akita is a dog whose capability, drive and versatility are often overlooked and frequently underestimated. While a breed who is a determined independent thinker and can be challenging to train, they are a mind at work and with a strong relationship with their handler, they are capable of excelling in so many outlets. My greatest passion in raising these dogs is continually pushing the envelope on what they can do and what we can achieve with them. While we do not require our companion homes to compete in dog sports or working avenues, we always always always encourage them to get involved in some way. This is such an excellent opportunity to train your dog, mentally and physically stimulate him and open yourself up to more possibilities and experiences, growing as a handler, trainer and a team.

I used to keep a list of our trials and plans here, but it is truthfully a schedule that is always changing! If you are interested in meeting our dogs or spectating an event - reach out to us! We have dogs from coast to coast who are competing in a wide array of events and dog sports. We are frequently asked about how to get started with performance sports or how to meet Akitas competing in dog sports. We are always happy to have you meet our personal dogs when we are out at events and our extended family of Morrow dogs is generally also always willing to meet you! Please reach out with your location and what you are interested in and we would love to provide you with plans and dates.


Weight Pull


French Ring (with the bulldog only)