What are some activities that are good for an Akita?
How do Akitas do in hotter climates?
What are the best training methods for an Akita?
How much exercise should my dog get?
How big do Akitas get?
What food is best for an Akita?
How do Akitas do with children?
What does grooming look like with an Akita and can they be shaved?
What are the major health issues to watch out for with the Akita breed?
I have heard that Akitas are aggressive, is this true?
I see you do protection training with your American Bulldog, why don’t the Akitas participate in this sport?
What is the best way to socialize my Akita?
How badly do Akitas shed?
How are Akitas with other dogs?
How are Akitas with other animals?
When should I spay/neuter my Akita?

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