**Please read the text on our home page regarding expectations for this breed prior to filling out and submitting an application.**

Additionally, please note that we do not sell puppies outright with breeding rights. Show/Breeding prospect puppies are rarely available and only sold on a co ownership when they are. If you are looking for a breeding dog, do not waste my time or your own.

We also request your patience when searching for a well bred puppy. Preservation breeders are far outnumbered by the poor quality breeders. Craigslist and Puppyfind are filled with poor quality puppies who can go home immediately. Most of us do not have puppies available year round and many work with waiting lists. If you are seeking immediate gratification, you have come to the wrong place. Litters are planned far in advance, health tested and titled to the fullest and with much care and concern. We are not operating a convenience store where you can call in and get what you want right away. Waiting for the right puppy is well worth your time, given the life expectancy of these dogs and the money you are expected to pay, supporting a good breeder and obtaining a well bred dog should be paramount to you - but if you are unable to be patient enough for that, I ask that you not bother continuing with this application.

Thank you for your interest in an Akita puppy from Morrow Akitas.  We appreciate your time in completing this application IN FULL so we may better test and select the right puppy/dog for your home and needs.  All information provided shall remain confidential.  This application must include the requested references, phone numbers and photographs of the home, yard and fencing – otherwise this application shall be ignored. You can email photos of the home and yard to (

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